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We deliver many services and logistics in order to fulfill the client's needs in different areas such as

Event Planning and Venue Management.

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  • Conventions 

  • Corporate Events 

  • Social Activities

  • Private & Non Profit Events

  • Christmas & Holiday Parties

  • Galas

  • Seminars, Conferences & Business Meetings

  • Destination Management

  • Special Events (Fundraisers, Product launch, etc.)

  • Team Buildings

  • Trade Shows

  • Sporting Events

  • Culinary Events

              among others.. 


The first local venue management company focused on exclusive and unique venues.

A unique focus on private event management to operate more efficiently with services such as: 

  • Operational and business audit

  • Standardize operations management

  • Event booking and coordination with clients

  • Consulting for new venue development

Aiming to help private venues and accelerate PR’s hospitality sector thru exclusive Venue Management.

  • Improve revenue streams  

  • Improve ROI resulting in more profit

  • Internal manpower savings

  • Increase event booking

  • A quality customer experience

  • Re-establish venue presence


That we can offer, coordinate
and manage

  • Production and Execution

  • On-site Management

  • Project Management

  • Venue Site Inspection & Booking

  • Audiovisual, Lighting and Sound 

  • Decoration 

  • Entertainment

  • Food and Beverage / Catering

  • Event Design and Logistic 

  • Event Program and/or Rundown

  • Hotel Rooms / Housing

  • Exhibitors Management

  • Media Plan

  • Sponsorship Coordination

  • Security

  • Medical Services

  • Transportation 

  • Site Inspections 

  • Rentals 

  • Invitations / Stationery

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Promotional items

  • Theme Develpment

  • Staffing Solutions

              among others.. 

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